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Friday, August 26, 2016
Southern Weather Radar

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    • Jingoism works. Incoherence works. Name-calling works. August 26, 2016
      With the general election less than two months away, I’m exhausted almost daily putting new batteries into my thinking cap so that I can be a responsible, critical listener to the appeals of all candidates. I was an English professor for 44 years before I retired in 2001, but I dare not place my brain […]
      Louie Crew Clay
    • May We Never Underestimate Our Reach August 24, 2016
      Human nature looks to pivotal moments in history imagining the role we might have played had we lived then. Born in 1959, I can only hope I would muster the courage to drop everything and risk all to fight Fascism in Europe and the Pacific. A boy in the 1960s, I can only wonder if […]
      Maurice Carter
    • The Saw Shop Blues August 24, 2016
      When I was twelve, my first regular job was working in Dad’s saw shop on Saturdays. Back then the shop was a tin building with no insulation. Summers broiled its tin. Winters chilled its concrete floor. Neither heat nor cold stopped pulpwooders from bringing their dead and dying chainsaws to Dad’s shop where he and […]
      Tom Poland
    • Duddy’s Permanent Record August 24, 2016
      Dudley Snodgrass, called "Duddy" was a very intelligent boy. He learned to talk and walk at a young age, and in school his grades were perfect. His mother adored him, his teachers were constantly bragging on him. The other kids called him "Einstein" and "Brain" and some secretly resented him. Some not so secretly. Painful, […]
      JL Strickland
    • To Be a Teacher August 22, 2016
      By the fourth or fifth grade I knew I wanted to be a school teacher. Before then I had known only women teachers and the thought hadn’t yet taken shape. But after having Mr. Phelps and Mr. Taylor as role models – although nobody was calling them that back then – I was pretty much […]
      Donnie Register
    • Advocating Human Rights Is Not Anti-Semitic August 22, 2016
      The Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement (BDS) calls for the international community to put economic pressure on Israel to end its flagrant violations of human rights. It demands an end to the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and the dismantling of the apartheid wall; equal rights for Palestinians in Israel; and the […]
      Jaz Brisack
    • Hillary Clinton Is a Victim of Her Virtues August 22, 2016
      When a Facebook friend slammed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton recently as a “godawful (sic) human being,” that triggered images of god-awful human beings like – you know--Adolf Eichmann, Pol Pot and Osama bin Laden. Turns out that the Facebooker wasn’t thinking of crimes against humanity but Clinton’s failure to be entirely forthcoming about her […]
      Leon Galis
    • Nation faces scary times with November election August 22, 2016
      The seeds of a new revolution are in the ground. If they get enough water in the November election, there’s no telling what will happen. Pundits, who often only seem to talk to each other and read pointy-headed reports and memos written by peers, appear totally confounded about what’s going on in the electorate as […]
      Andy Brack
    • An Act of Terrorism August 19, 2016
      Twenty years ago this summer, America was rocked by a terrorist attack. A religious fanatic radicalized by fundamentalist ideas planted a bomb at a crowded location during a major sporting event. The device he built killed one person and injured 120 more. The death toll could easily have been in the hundreds. That same terrorist […]
      Mike Cox
    • The Pizza Proposal with a diamond topping August 19, 2016
      I know you’ve heard that love will find a way. Me, too, but who knew that a pepperoni pizza could be part of Cupid’s plan? You listening? He was a boy, 26, from Columbia, South Carolina. She was a girl, 23, from Albany, Georgia. He graduated (English) from the University of South Carolina (Go, Gamecocks!). […]
      Robert Lamb
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